Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday Feb 2 (pm)

A bit late putting this blog on but got there in the end. Firstly Joe had some milk yesterday and is tolerating that well - he's on 0.5 mil every two hours. His ventilation had to be increased overnight as did Harry's...they're now up to 60 per minute whereas Joe has been as low as 25. Joe's also been put on insulin to help out his blood and Harry had another transfusion overnight but is more stable now. His skin is still very delicate and he's now got a silk sheet to help stop it getting too irritated although he's got some damaged skin where the tape was used. Not only is it uncomfortable for him but it also increases the risk of infection.
Since then it's been fairly quiet for them, Sarah's still staying over there but will be home for part of tomorrow for a bit of a break. I've got a stinking cold along with Jack and Millie but Ben's fine and looking forward to seeing mum again.
Thanks again to everyone who's got in touch.

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