Thursday, 4 February 2010

Online from the hospital!

Yay! My laptop and I are able to resume our close and loving relationship :) I am now online at the hospital using my mobile broadband dongle thingamajig. It's good to be back :-D

I was with the babies this morning while the doctors were doing their rounds, and they (the drs) are very pleased with them (the babies). Apparently they are doing as well as could possibly be expected for such early babies. Please God let this continue.

Harry has now started breastmilk. 0.5ml every two hours. he dr said it's not so much for nutrition at this stage as he will continue to get all he needs from his TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) but will adjust his gut very slowly to being able to tolerate food. He will also be on anti-biotics for the next five days to try and keep on top of his infection. Later today he will also have another transfusion of platelets to help his blood clot. He is now on quite a low pressure on his ventilator but the dr doesn't want to take him off it just yet as he is so small and even the smallest nasal prongs they use for the C-Pap (next stage down of breathing help) would be too large for his tiny nose. Just hearing that C-Pap is in the not-too-distant future is fantastic news.

Next we moved onto Joe. He is plodding on, needing a bit more support from the ventilator than his brother. His infection levels were very slightly raised so they are going to monitor them, and also keep a very close eye on his feet due to the discolouration he is getting from the reduced blood flow. His milk has been increased from 0.5ml every other hour, to 0.5ml per hour, so fingers crossed he enjoys that. He has also started to do very small amounts of poo - Harry has yet to reach this milestone.

Both babies will get their long lines put in either today or tomorrow and both will also get their one week head scans. Wow, one week! It's been one whole week since they arrived. They are such a part of my heart already I can't imagine not having them. Last Thursday evening was one of the saddest nights of my life, not knowing whether they were alive or not, not knowing if they were going to survive the first 24 hours. I'm feeling so positive now though. My babies know how much I want them, and love them and I just know they are going to be fine.


  1. I know those babies know how much you love them and are fighting for them! Thanks for all the updates Sarah...I check in all the time to hear how they are doing! And it sounds like things are going just great...good job Joe and Harry!

  2. Wonderful update!! I feel really postive too. I check in so often it's almost stalkerish. : ) Keep fighting boys!!

    Julie and Nicole