Wednesday, 3 February 2010

All Harry. I couldn't get a clear one of Joe as I was getting too much glare from the incubator.

I am now home for a couple of hours to collect some clean clothes and see my other rugrats before heading back to Portsmouth this evening. Thank goodness they are letting me stay - I can't imagine having to be this far away from them every day.
David has done a great job of updating everyone regularly so there isn't much to add. Joe is comfortable at the moment, and looking lovely and pink after his 12ml of blood last night.
He is on and off insulin as his sugar levels are all over the place, but other than that he is doing well. He is currently having 0.5ml of breastmilk every two hours through a tube that goes into his nose and down to his tummy. He seems to be absorbing it well.
Harry is also doing very well. He has been put on anti-biotics as a precaution as the infection levels in his blood are slightly raised. His blood pressure and blood sugars have been stable but he has yet to be started on milk due to his rocky first couple of days. His biggest problem is his skin. He is so bruised and sore that he now has to lay on silk sheets to prevent as muh friction as possible. This morning he was looking a bit orange so he is back under the photo-therapy lights for jaundice.
We had a scary moment last night at about 3am when I was visiting him, when he lost the blood supply to his right foot where the arterial line goes in. It just turned white and lifeless before my eyes and looked just like a plastic doll's foot. Apparently because everything is so small and fragile the arteries sometimes go into spasm and clamp down preventing normal blood flow. Luckily the dr (miserable woman, think she didn't like being woken up) did her magic and by the time I went back to bed an hour later the colour was returning and looking better.
I've changed his nappy twice now, which isn't really changing a nappy at all, but swapping some wee-soaked cotton wool balls for clean ones, but it's all a step in the right direction, and it's nice to actually have something to do and feel involved.
My days are forming a nice three hourly pattern. Express milk, wash-up, see babies, eat or sleep, repeat. Around the clock. I enjoy seeing the babies most through the night as the unit is quiestest and the nurses have more time to explain things and have a chat.

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  1. (((big hugs))) to you, I've been checking in to see how they are doing and I am so pleased that they are so strong and doing so well. Bless their little hearts they are so tiny, I'm thinking of you all xx