Friday, 29 April 2011

It's the end of April already?

Where is the year going? I can't believe we are almost into May already.

As you can see from the pictures below the babies are thriving. Since my last update both babies have had repeat hearing tests and been seen by the ENT specialist. Both Joe and Harry have reduced hearing due to fluid in their ears so the next step for them will probably be to have grommets fitted. This is a really minor procedure and they will be in and out of hospital in a day if there are no complications.

Joe has had an eye test as we thought we could see a squint. The person examining him couldn't see him squinting, but did say he may need glasses as he has an astigmatism which basically means his eye is rugby ball shaped instead of round. On the 26th May he will have a more in-depth examination where his pupils will be artificially dilated so the dr can get a clear view of his eyes and we will find out the next step.

Neither baby as yet is crawling. Harry certainly has the capability but is lazy and cries as soon as he is on his tummy but he is starting to shuffle around on his bottom - he mainly goes around and around in circles though! Both babies can now clap their hands when asked, and we are working hard on waving 'bye bye'. Stranger awareness has kicked in too and they aren't too keen on unfamiliar people getting too close to them until they are used to them.

Harry is a total pro in his baby walker. He goes at a hundred miles an hour in it, and God help your ankles if he catches you unawares! David and I are both sporting bruises where he has ran into us. He goes forwards, backwards, can spin around in it and loves the freedom it gives him. Poor Joe can't quite figure out what a baby walker is for and just stands still.

Current weights are around 18-19 pounds, with Harry being about a pound heavier than Joe. Joe eats like the proverbial horse - anything and everything shoved into his mouth as fast as he can. We have recently swapped their carseats for forward facing ones even though they are only just on the weight limit to do so. I was hoping the new carseats would give us a little more room in the back of the car but that hasnt been the case. They seem happy enough to be able to see more, and I find it easier being able to see them by looking in the mirror.

Harry is still needing his inhaler from time to time. He is still quite wheezy and has an irritating dry cough that disturbs him when sleeping. It's not all the time, maybe every two or three weeks he will need to use his inhaler for a few days in a row so I'm hoping this is still a left over Fromm the RSV in January and not something more serious and long term such as asthma.

We ticked off another milestone last weekend when we had a big shuffle around of the bedrooms and moved the twins into their own room and into separate cots. Until then they had shared, one baby at each end of the bed. I was a bit sad at splitting them up but they are just too big and wriggly now to be comfortable together. Harry especially had a habit of turning round and sleeping on top of Joe.

They are so funny and definitely taking more notice of each other now. When one starts babbling away, the other will often join in, particularly in the car. When sitting next to each other in the trolley doing the shopping they pull each others hair, tug ears, poke each other etc etc....hopefully not a sign of things to come, although I suspect I should get used to refereeing. Unfortunately when Joe grabs a handful of Harry's lovely, curly hair he isn't old enough to know he is hurting him and as there is little going on in the hair-growth department on Joe's head, Harry cannot even reap his revenge!

As ever, I count my blessings that they are here, that they are perfect and that they are mine. I don't think a day has yet gone by where I haven't told someone how lucky I am. I feel truly blessed and hope that I can make their lives as happy as they have made mine. Every baby is special, but I am sure you can forgive me for believing that Joe and Harry are just a tiny bit more special than most.