Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday 5 Feb (am)

Sarah's joy of being re-united with her lap-top was short-lived following a problem with her mobile dongle so I am back in charge of the blog. It's been a busy night with Harry having another transfusion to help get his iron levels up. His blood oxygen levels are low and the Docs are a bit puzzled by this and as a result his ventilation has been increased again. They are pondering whether the problem may be mucus around his ventilation tube so that may be replaced later today - his blood pressure is also low. All in all a bit of a struggle for Harry at the moment but he's still taking his milk which can only be good news.

Joe's had a much quieter time and he now has a long line in his arm which hopefully will help bring some colour back to his toes which are still purplish !

I'm taking the littl'uns over to see them tomorrow and Ben is going to update the Blog on Sunday.

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