Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Harry has had a bit of an eventful day today. This morning his sats were dropping to really low levels and the doctors were ready to re-intubate him again. They all got ready, got the trolley with all the equipment ready and Harry must have notice because he started behaving again luckily. I’m so pleased because placing a new tube is really traumatic - for him and me! His ventilation has been up and down but his oxygen requirement hasn’t been too high.

Sunday nights are weigh-in nights and Harry now weighs 573 grams. This is down slightly from his last weight but they said it’s common for such little babies to show a fluctuation as it’s quite difficult weigh accurately when they have hats on, and tubes and drips and things attached. Joe is up slightly to 609 grams. Only a 9 gram gain, but every little counts.

Another set of twins came in last night, born at 25 weeks and 4 days, so mine are no longer the youngest babies there. Here’s hoping they do as well as my babies have.

I'll try and take more pictures in the morning..

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