Sunday, 7 February 2010

Houston, we have an eye!

More of the same here in Babyland. Babies stable and happy. Both of them are now on 1ml of milk per hour and still up and down with their ventilation and oxygen. Harry needed both blood and platelets overnight and is looking a bit yellow so he’ll be basking under the blue photo therapy lights soon I’d imagine.

The great news is that Joe is starting to open his eyes! Well, one eye anyway, but it’s a start. When I shield his eyes you can just about see it starting to open a little bit. Hopefully in a few more days we’ll see them properly :) It makes me so happy to see these tiny little milestones. It will be so great to be able to see into his eyes and imagine what he is thinking.
This is little Joe in the picture. I took a picture of Harry too, but it makes him look like an over-cooked chicken so I'll try and do a better one later.

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  1. The boys updates were awesome, Sarah! So glad that the boys are still moving in the right direction! Keep fighting boys!! We're thinking about you from all over the world!