Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Joe sleeping on his tummy


Just a quick update as I am shattered and can hardly keep my eyes open.

Joe is now stable again, although still desatting regularly. His oxygen levels are varying between 40% and 70%. He is having a blood transfusion right now so hopefully that will help. If he continues to desat the dr will x-ray him again and consider switching him to a ventilator that shakes air into him at a very high rate, instead of the conventional ventilator that pushes air in. He is now up to 2ml per hour of milk, and is increasing that by 0.5 ml every 12 hours until he is up to his full allowance.

Harry is still looking a little yellow. He may have his morphine increased today as he is getting very active and is risking pulling his ventilation tube out. His milk his also up to 2ml per hour, and increasing by 0.5ml every 18 hours.

All-in-all the drs and I are very pleased with both babies this morning, although Harry continues to do a bit better than Joe.

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