Wednesday, 21 July 2010


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Can't think of a witty title, sorry

Harry is now back to his usual self and fighting fit. He still sounds a little wheezy now and again but is eating normally and is happy and smiley.

Today I took both babies to the baby clinic to be weighed. The good news is that they are bothing gaining weight nicely and are just under 11 lbs. The bad news is that I didn't really appreciate until today just how delayed Joe and Harry are. Seeing other babies who are reaching their milestones normally, and who move normally brought it home just how far behind they are. I know I shouldn't compare. I know my babies have come a long way. I just wish that everything in life wasn't such a struggle for them. Other babies much younger than them were sucking on their hands, and lifting their legs and feet in the air and trying to roll. My babies, although they move all their limbs, for the most part just lay still and gaze around. I'm hoping that they are just chilled out but secretly think there is a bigger issue there that will need to be addressed soon.

Next week we are supposed to be starting weaning as they will be six months. For most things, we use their adjusted age, which is nine weeks, but we are supposed to begin solids at six months actual age, in line with other babies born at term. There is just no way they are ready. They can't support their bodies yet and can only hold their heads up reliably for a minute or so at a time. There is probably a good reason why they should be started sooner rather than later but it just seems wrong to me to force food into their mouths when their bodies are telling me they aren't ready yet. I'm thinking weaning at six months has something to do with preventing an oral aversion to food and textures if it is done any later, or maybe it's something to do with the body's iron stores being depleted by six months, but I have asked the Health Visitor to query with a dietician the best way to approach it. At the end of the day, I just want to do what is best for the little people even if it goes against my natural instincts.

Today the babies went into cloth nappies for the first time. I've been umming and awwing over whether or not I could be bothered with the extra work, but a great deal came up on Ebay that I couldn't refuse. They arrived today and mmmmmm, they smell so good and feel so soft! The initial expense is immense but so long as I persevere (famous last words - I'm not known for my endurance!) it will be worth it. Cute pics of fluffy nappies (and babies) coming up later.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Poor, sick Harry

Harry is dealing with his first proper illness since coming home. Last week both babies came down with a cold that is doing the rounds in the family, but they had been generally good-humoured and happy, just a bit snotty. Harry sounded wheezy now and again so I had both babies checked at the doctors who confirmed that they were both okay, and it was just a minor cold.

At about 2am this morning Harry woke up crying and didn't stop. He cried, and cried, and cried. These babies NEVER cry like that. He was refusing to feed, wouldn't sleep and sounded like he was in pain. We tried feeding, changing, the swing, singing, swaddling, a dummy and nothing seemed to do the trick and in absolute desperation I broke out the Calpol. This did the trick for a couple of hours but then the cycle continued this morning when he woke up. All I can say is thank goodness for the NHS and my GP surgery. So many people complain about not being able to see a GP when they need to but all I ever need to do is say I have an emergency and they fit us straight in. Today I rang them saw a dr and picked up a prescription for anti-biotics all within 30 minutes. Apparently Harry's right lung is very crackly and sounded infected so he has a week of antibiotics which will hopefully make him feel better soon.

Throughout today he seems to be a little more settled, and is feeding well, but his temperature has increased and he has a fever. If it gets any higher, or he stops feeding we have to go straight to the hospital.

It's time to feed the little chappies now but will keep you updated on how Harry is. Fingers crossed he turns a corner soon.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

A super quick update

The babies are stirring ready for a feed in ten minutes but just wanted to quickly update that all is well here.

I can't remember if I updated after their cardiac appointment but all was well and although they both have something very minor wrong with their hearts, it shouldn't affect them and they don't need to be seen for a year.

Harry had his repeat hearing test on Thursday - what a palava! He refused to sleep, then when he did sleep, Joe woke up, Harry vomitted every where in the middle of the test as the woman insisted I feed him to try and get him to sleep, despite me telling her he wasn't hungry. In the end she managed to test enough of one ear to determine that his hearing, although not perfect due to fluid in the middle ear, is adequate and he doesn't need to be reviewed again until next year.

Both babies are smiling properly now and Harry is even doing the odd coo and 'chatting' when the mood takes him.

Time to go...babies are telling me it's dinner time.