Saturday, 6 February 2010

a small blip for Joe

Written at 6pm last night. I couldn't get online to post it then. Death to mobile broadband!

"It’s been a bad afternoon for little Joe. He is having lots of bradys (bradycardia - as far as I understand it, this is where the heart rate slows down to unacceptable levels) and desasts (desaturations, where the oxygen levels fall in the blood). They aren’t really sure of the cause, but his ventilation and oxygen levels has been turned up to help and he will have a blood transfusion this evening. The poor little chappy now also has both arms splinted, one with his long line in, and this afternoon they added a cannula in his other arm to give him a transfusion of platelets. They are also stopping his feeds for a while, so he is now mil by mouth once again. Today they were increased to one ml per hour so they want to rule out the increase in milk being the cause of the bradys. Blood gases show he is struggling more than usual and a sample of blood has been sent to check for sepsis. His nurse says she has a gut feeling something is wrong - he is very pale, and much less feisty than usual. Hang in there Joe, please.

It’s been an emotional day all round today. A mum brought her 6 month old to the unit, who was born at 24 weeks. She was born weighing just an ounce more than Harry and after nearly four months in hospital is now really chunky and healthy, despite needing oxygen. I was okay until her mum mentioned that she was born one of a twin, and her brother didn’t survive. I just about managed not to burst into tears but it really brought it home just how far Joe and Harry have yet to go."

Now an update as of 3am, Saturday 6th. The good news is that the blood seems to have done the trick. No more bradys, his colour has pinked up, the drs thought his xrays all looked okay and he is generally looking more comfortable. Unfortunately I am now not able to touch him, or Harry either as I have come down with a slight cold and a scratchy sore throat. It's just typical isn't it? I NEVER get colds, ever. Why now? The one time in my life I can't wallow in bed and be waited on :(

To leave on good news, both babies head scans looked perfect. Please, please God let this stay this way.

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