Sunday, 21 February 2010


I wrote this last night but couldn't get online to post it. Feeling too crappy to write any more today but both babies are fine.

"Today has been such a lovely day. Firstly because the babies and I had a visit from David, and secondly because they have both had a relatively stable, uneventful day. Joe in particular has looked really settled despite frequent blood tests to keep an eye on his sugar levels.

This evening I got to cuddle Joe which was just lovely. Not a proper cuddle, but the nurse dropped the door of his incubator, and his mattress slides all the way out so it sits just over my lap letting me put my arms right around him and lay my head next to his. It was an amazing time. He looked so tiny again being so close to him. I stroked his little ears, and forehead and under his chin, then just laid next to him, cuddling him, looking at him and smelling him. They are both just so deliciously gorgeous and I love them so much."

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