Thursday, 4 February 2010

Thursday 4 Feb (am)

A bit of a worry today as skin tests on Harry have come up positive for a Group B Strep infection which can be very dangerous if it gets into his blood stream. He's been on antibiotics for it and the Docs will review it later. Other than that he's doing really well with his ventilation being reduced from 60 bpm to 40 bpm. His foot is a much nicer colour today but he couldn't be weighed yesterday due to his fragile skin.

Joe was weighed and he's now 540g and he's continuing to tolerate his milk which is good. He's got a few purple toes due to the positioning of his line affecting his circulation and the humidity in his incubator has been reduced so he's having oil on his skin to keep it in good condition.

So fingers crossed that the infection gets dealt with and I'll update things later if we get any news.

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