Friday, 12 February 2010

2 weeks old

The babies have made it to two weeks old! It feels like such a milestone. If they can just make it another two weeks I will feel they are over the most critical time. 99% of the time I am so positive that all will be fine, but every now and then I panic about what might happen if they aren’t. I feel at my worst on the drive to the hospital after I have been home, I think being on the motorway reminds me of our first journey here where I was terrified they wouldn’t have made it through the night. That was such a horrible morning. We dropped the children off at my sister’s before we left and I couldn’t look at her. I knew that if I saw the sympathy in her eyes I’d start crying and never stop. Joe and Harry have done so, so well since that first weekend, especially my little Harribo who initially needed so much more support than his brother but has now over-taken him.

Today has been fairly unremarkable for them. Which is a Good, Good Thing. Harry is having his ventilation slowly weaned, while Joe is still on around 70-80% oxygen and 60 breaths per minute. Tomorrow Joe will be starting on a course of steroids to help the inflammation in his lungs, so fingers crossed they do the job and his support can be slowly reduced.

I held Harry today!! Not the traditional, lovely, newborn cuddle, just lifting him while his sheets were changed, but it felt so good and for someone who weighs only just over a pound, he felt surprisingly sturdy and tough. It was so good to cradle him in my hands and he fitted there perfectly.

I spent last night and this morning at home as David and I had to go and register the births, so they are now official little people known in full as Joe Oliver Tibbles and Harry Jacob Tibbles. Sorry about the surname boys, but that’s your dad’s fault ;) Get used to a lifetime of comments about cats and how cute being a ’Tibbles’ is :)

Tomorrow Jason is coming to visit us, so we are looking forward to that. I’ve told the babies to be on their best behaviour overnight. Or else!


  1. (((hugs)))
    I'm SO glad that they are so strong and doing so well, what a pair of little soldiers! Happy two weeks boys xxx

  2. two weeks! great job boys....they sound like they are doing wonderfully!

  3. Happy 2 week birthday, boys!! Doing a great job so far. Just keep fighting!