Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Chronic Lung Disease

Harry, making sure no-one removes his vent tube :)

We have been told that both babies will almost certainly have some degree of Chronic Lung Disease (http://www.lpch.org/diseasehealthinfo/healthlibrary/respire/cld.html). At the moment Joe's lungs are worse than Harry's and an official diagnosis can't be give until the babies are 39 weeks adjusted age. Although it's not the best news in the world it isn't as bad as it sounds. As the babies grow, and therefore their lungs get bigger their condition will improve as the area of the lungs that is damaged becomes relatively smaller comapred to teh healthy lung tissue that is growing.

It may mean that one or both babies will come home needing oxygen, which will be a bit of a pain but nothing we can't overcome.

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