Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday Feb 1 (pm)

Another day has passed and the boys are still with us. Sarah had a chat with the docs today and they think that the twins are even younger than we thought....they estimate that they are under 23 weeks because their eyes are still fused. Apparently that doesn't necessarily mean that there will be any problems further down the line and in any event Sarah's pretty sure about her dates.
She's managed to get some pics of Joe which are on here - and yes, that is Sarah's hand you can see and not the Unit's resident big-handed Giant so that gives an idea of how tiny they are.
Harry was weighed today and he's now 535 g (about 1 pound 2 ounces) - for the technically minded that equates to a small plastic bottle of Heinz Tomato ketchup. Joe's ventilation was increased this afternoon just to help him out a bit. ..Harry's had a quiet day....I think their lines are going to be changed tonight so that may put them back a bit.
Thanks for the messages of support from's nice to know you're all out there wishing for them to pull through.


  1. Thinking of you all Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Sending all my love to you and the boys! I can't believe how tiny they are! The picture with Sarah's hand really brings it into perspective!