Thursday, 18 February 2010

Harry is now on the oscillating ventilator due to him needing increased pressure on the other type he was on. He struggled at first but has settled down now. I don’t understand the settings on it, except the oxygen so don’t know how well he is doing ventilation wise now. I was so worried about seeing him on it, as I knew it makes baby’s body shake. The air is being pushed into Harry’s lungs at hundreds of tiny breaths a minute and it makes him vibrate slightly but it wasn’t as scary as I’d imagined.

Joe was also tried on the oscillator, however he didn’t tolerate it at all, and never recovered while he was on it so they switched him back. He is currently needing lots of support and his oxygen requirements are over 60% right now. I was even told not to touch or talk to him, to allow him to sleep and rest. I know it’s for the best but I had a little sulk anyway. There is so little I can do EXCEPT talk or touch him that without doing those things I can only sit and look at him.

Wednesday night was weigh-in night. Neither baby was stable enough for weighing last night due to the ventilator changes but Joe’s nurse weighed him this afternoon and he is now 647 grams.

I want to thank everyone who has sent emails. I promise to get round to replying to you all soon. I’m notoriously bad at replying to emails at the best of times so it’s nothing personal, I can only apologise.

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