Sunday, 14 February 2010

14 Feb 2010

Sarah's back home again but really tired today so I'm back at the helm of HMS Blog. Now, she had given me a piece of paper with all the latest news on but that seems to have gone missing so it's all ad-lib from here.

From what I can remember I believe that Harry continues to take his feeds well and is being a real star. His ventilator tube had to be changed today as it was displaced but he's got over that problem without too much trouble. His sugar levels were a bit high (or was it low?) so he may need insulin to deal with that but apparently that's nothing too serious. He is also having supplements to help with his mineral levels.

Joe's had a quiet day and is doing well on his steroids and the docs are slowly reducing his ventilation now that he needs less oxygen - he can now also open both his they're both making progress in their own different ways.

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