Monday, 26 April 2010


A quick update.

Joe has now joined Harry in the nursery so they are next to each other again. The cpap seems to have gone forever. Both babies have had domperidone and gaviscon added to the drugs they take to help them with reflux. They are both desatting frequently, often down to 50/60% and sometimes lower but usually manage to get back to normal without help, occasionally needing a little extra facial oxygen wafted over them.

Joe had a nasty desat/bradycardia yesterday afternoon. His sats dropped right down and he went very blue and took a while to recover. I'm not usually phased by either baby turning funny colours but he really did look almost dead and it was quite scary. The doctors came to see him as he was working very hard with his breathing and took bloods to check for infection but all came back clear. His fluids have been restricted slightly but it doesn't seem to have made much difference.

Now that I am used to Poole's way of doing things I am missing Portsmouth less. I am much more involved with care and feeding in Poole which is nice but has it's drawbacks as yesterday afternoon I popped out for a couple of hours (with Karen, whose twins were in poole for ten weeks two years ago) and when I returned no-one had fed the babies!

I thought that the move to Poole would mean I am home more but I actually spend more time than ever at the hospital. I get there just after 9 in the morning and don't leave til nine in the evening. I feel that I need to be there all the time as I know the babies better than anyone there.

On Wednesday Granny Tibbles is coming to visit.

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