Thursday, 15 April 2010

11 weeks

Today the babies are eleven weeks old and both reached milestones in their own ways. Joe is now up to one hour off his cpap in every eight hours so he is managing a total of 3 hours a day. He came out for a lovely cuddle this afternoon and had a nice, settled day. He needs a fair amount of oxygen when he is off cpap but we expected he would. I'm hoping that as he is gestationally quite old now that they will move a bit faster with weaning him off the cpap than they did with Harry.
Harry's feeds have increased from two hourly to three hourly and today he had his first bottle! He finished the whole feed (26mls!!) and managed a little burp afterwards. It took him a while to get used to it and his sats kept dropping but he got their in the end. Tomorrow he is going up to two bottles, one morning and one evening. I'm hoping that he will be ready to come home in three weeks.
New weights are: Harry - 3lbs 13oz and Joe is 3lbs 5oz. Both growing so fast and have already outgrown their first sets of clothes.

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