Monday, 19 April 2010

Making progress

Both boys have made steps forward today. Joe has graduated from an incubator into an open topped, heated cot and has gone to 5 hours off cpap and 3 hours on. This is a huge jump all in one go, as he was doing 2 off, 6 on but he coped fantastically. He also had his first go with a bottle, just to give him taste of milk and he loved it.

Yesterday Harry moved from 2 hourly feeds to three hourly but today they have been changed back to two hourly as the doctors think he has a bit of reflux. This is really common in premature babies and in simple terms is just like heartburn that adults get. He is now getting medication so it should be better in a couple of days. He tried a bottle again today and managed the whole feed, so tomorrow he will hopefully be having two bottles. This morning he was moved from his heated cot, to a normal, unheated one.

Poole hospital is still full so no news on when we will be transferring.

New weights: Harry - 3lbs 15oz and Joe 3lbs 9.5oz

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