Monday, 5 April 2010


No pictures today I'm afraid as I haven't got the energy to sort them out, but both babies are doing well. Harry is still having three hours off his cpap and nine hours on, and is now being fed two-hourly. No other changes with him.

Joe's x-rays last week showed he has/had a chest infection but he is doing much better now. He is still on antibiotics, but his infection levels are down and his oxygen requirements are now below 30% again which is good. He has also changed to being fed two-hourly and is tolerating it well.

New weights are as follows: Harry is 1.37kg, which is a smidge over 3lbs! and Joe is 1.2kg which is about 2lbs10oz. The next milestone for Harry is 1.5kg, which is when he will be able to switch from being in an incubator to an open cot.

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