Tuesday, 13 April 2010


....Harry's in the tub! Apologies for the quality of the pics.
After nearly eleven long weeks harry has had his first proper bath. He so badly needed it too. Joe also could do with a proper bath but he doesn't smell nearly as much as Harry did. Poor Harry had an aroma that could rival his teenage brother's...and trust me, twasn't pleasant.
Harry has now progressed to eight hours off cpap and two hours on. There is some confusion as to whether he is now completely off it as David rang for an update just now and lost track of what the nurse was saying but if he isn't off it completely, he will be tomorrow. Then Special Care the day after.
Joe reached a milestone today too, he managed a whole half-hour off his cpap without an issue. Either tonight or tomorrow he will go up to being allowed an hour off and hopefully it won't be long before he is catching up with his brother. He looks so different without his hat on. He and Harry are really very similar and both have the strawberry blonde (not ginger!!!!!!!) hair, although Joe's isn't quite as long and fluffy as Harry's.
Not being in an incubator makes such a difference. Harry suddenly seems like a real baby, and more my baby. Now I feel able to pick him up without asking permission and take charge of him a bit more. I know Joe isn't aware of much but I am trying to be very careful and spend equal amounts of time with each. It would be very easy to focus more time and attention on Harry because he's so much easier to interact with now.
I am so excited to be thinking of them coming home. I just cannot wait to sit and hold my babies all day long. I left the hospital early today so we could go pushchair shopping so we now have a single pram on order in preparation for Harry coming home first. For anyone half as interested in pushchairs as me we went for the Bugaboo Cameleon. As we have twins we get a 10% discount in Mothercare so it would have been rude not to use it :) I'm almost as excited about my new pram arriving as I am getting my babies home! Twins, three double pushchairs, and now a new Bugaboo - could life get any better? :)

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  1. Lovely to see that they are getting on so well. My 8yo DD just looked over my shoulder and asked why the babies were so small. I showed her the first pictures on your blog. What an incredible journey - and how wonderful to see how big they are in comparison to those first pics. Hope you are going to post pics of the Bugaboo.