Friday, 23 April 2010

The transition from Portsmouth to Poole went smoothly for the babies. Joe arrived first, and Harry a few hours later. They both slept for the whole journey and haven't shown any signs that they even notice they are somewhere new. It's me who is struggling with the change.

Things in Poole are very different. The first thing that happened was Joe was taken off his cpap on arrival and hasn't been put back on it. In Poole they don't have a rigid cpap regime for weaning them off it gradually, if the baby is coping they leave it off, and Joe is coping so it was goodbye cpap, hello nasal prongs. I can't say I was particularly thrilled, after he'd been doing so well I was worried it would make him work too hard and he'd get tired but he seems to have done okay and last night moved out of intensive care and into the nursery with Harry. Yesterday Joe also tried a bottle properly and finished off his whole feed, and in the evening he was moved to three hourly feeds. None of these things would have happened so quickly in Portsmouth.

Harry is okay, still desturating a lot but not needing any intervention. He is still on two hourly feeds.

I am cutting this short as there is a war breaking out in my front room over Special K. Nothing changes..!

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