Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The doctors yesterday decided that as Joe's infection is better that it's time he had a trial at coming off of his cpap. As seems to be usual, I waited around all day in anticipation of the big event, only for the nurses to not get around to doing it. When we called in this morning to hear how the babies did overnight, we were told that Joe's night nurse has taken him off but he only managed 15 minutes before needing to go back on. Apparently he needed too much oxygen and just got too tired.

Harry is managing his four hours off cpap in every twelve. No other changes with him really. He came out for a cuddle today but he wasn't really very happy and had a few desats and bradys so I put him back to bed.

Both babies had their eyes tested again today for ROP, luckily both are absolutely perfect.

The doctors are going to try and get the babies back to Poole hospital by the end of the month. They could go now if necessary but the doctors want to wait until the risk of needing laser surgery on their eyes has passed. Poole aren't equipped to do the surgery there which would mean a transfer back to Portsmouth or Southampton and both boys are still high risk for ROP for a little while longer yet.

I was a bit down this morning as progress seems to be so slow, but the doctor who did the round reminded me how far Joe and Harry have come so far. He said their progress is nothing short of miraculous and I should be very pleased and proud. He thinks there is a very good chance that Harry will be able to be home by the end of next month, with Joe being ready not long after. He said it's very likely that Harry will be home before Joe as there is such a big difference in how they are doing, which is another reason why being in Poole hospital will be better. Travelling to Portsmouth every day with one baby to visit the other wouldn't be very practical.

I suppose if Harry is going to be coming home first we will need a single pram for a little while and there's nothing I like more than buying a new pram. Ebay here I come......!

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  1. Oh my. Sometimes it does feel as though it takes forever and as though everything is happening really, really slowly! J spent 100 days in Portsmouth in the end, we were also hanging on for laser surgery. Which I'm pleased to tell you she didn't need in the end! I didn't miss the drive to Portsmouth every day and it was so nice having her a bit closer to home.
    Your boys are doing so amazingly, they look absolutely lovely in the latest photographs. I've loved reading your blog, it brings it all back to me! x