Friday, 2 April 2010

9 weeks and a day old


Harry, modelling a babygrow from Gaby. Thanks Gaby :)

Harry is doing well and is up up three hours off his cpap in every twelve hours. The doctors have started him of diuretics and this evening he is having a blood transfusion but is otherwise well. He came out for a lovely cuddle today which he enjoyed.
Joe is a bit poorly, his infection levels are raised, his colour isn't great and his oxygen levels have been increasing. He has been started on two different antibiotics so hopefully he will be fighting fit again soon. He is struggling a bit with his cpap and getting very cross with it. The nasal prongs keep going too far into his nostrils which makes his nose get sore and start to bleed but the doctors are reluctant to change to conventional cpap as it doesn't offer the pressures he needs and may set him back.

Tomorrow I am going to ask if Harry can be moved to being fed two-hourly instead of hourly. That will be another step closer to being ready for home.


  1. Sounds like they are doing amazing Sarah, and thinking good thoughts for Joe to feel better soon :)

  2. I just looked back at the pictures from when they were first born and I'm amazed at how much bigger they are now, even though they are still quite small. They both look wonderful!