Monday, 22 March 2010

Quick update 22 March

Just a quick update on how things are going. Sarah's staying at the hospital for a few days as there is a room available. Both boys have really blossomed in the past few days and are now both coping well and are both off their ventilators and on c-pap. I've not been in to see them recently as I fell victim to a sickness bug last week which has now moved on to Jack.

I think Sarah is back later today or tomorrow so hopefully she will update things in more detail soon and have some pictures of Joe off his ventilator.

Finally, Sarah has told me that one of the twins who came in to the unit just after our boys has been really struggling over the past few days and her parents have been warned about her prospects so we all really hope that she pulls's a strange environment in the unit with everyone going through the same emotions so it affects all the parents when things aren't going well with one of the little ones....please keep your fingers crossed for their little girl.

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