Monday, 1 March 2010

Germy children.

I just want to have a small rant about something that is annoying me a lot. The baby in the incubator next to Harry's has two siblings aged one and three-ish. The parents probably visit three times a week on average and always bring at least one child with them. Today they brought in both of them. The first thing that annoyed me was they wheeled the youngest one in in a grimey, smelly, dirty pushchair that stank of cigarettes. And parked it next to my baby's bed! I'm not obsessive about dirt and germs usually but I don't want anything like that near Joe or Harry. I was so cross that the unit are so strict about not wearing outdoor clothing in, and hand washing etc, but they were allowed to wheel in a dirty old pushchair with gay abandon.

THEN, the baby in the pushchair woke up. The second she woke she let out a raspy cough INCHES AWAY FROM HARRY! I couldn't believe it. I thought any second a nurse would hear and send them out. I closed up the doors on the incubator and moved over to Joe and the poor baby was still coughing. It was that horrible ill-sounding, chesty cough that only comes from a sick child. WHY would they take a child like that into the unit? Okay, I lied about not being obsessive about germs, one of my pet-hates is germy, snotty, coughy children being paraded about spreading their illnesses but today just took the biscuit. I'm getting cross just thinking about it - cross with them for being so stupid, and me for not being assertive enough to say something to the nurses. I pray to God that my little one doesn't get poorly because of this...

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