Thursday, 18 March 2010

2lb baby x 2



After starting off at barely over a pound, both babies have topped the 2lb mark. Joe is 916 grams which is exactly 2lbs and Harry is 970 grams which is 2lbs 1.5oz. Porky little men!

Joe is doing much better. He is back on insulin as the steroids have increased his blood sugar levels and he is having a blood transfusion today to make sure he is in tip-top condition for when they next try him off the ventilator - that could be as soon as today if his blood gases show he is coping well.

Harry is doing well, but has been started on two anti-biotics as his blood is showing a possible infection brewing. He isn't acting like he has anything wrong with him, it's just a precaution to treat him before anything takes hold properly.

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  1. I have been reading for a while and am glad to hear that Joe is doing better today. These pictures are so precious. You certainly have handsome lads!