Sunday, 7 March 2010

Looking better

I am sat here at 2.30am attached to the breast pump (I am SICK of the sight of this thing) so will just let you know that Joe was looking so much better yesterday. He had a blood transfusion and a bit of the red stuff is obviously what he needed because he looked back to normal. His colour was better, in fact he looked like a little tomato, and he was moving around again. Phew! I was so worried about how awful he looked the previous day.

Little Harry is doing fabulously. He is on caffiene again to help his lungs in preparation for being extubated. Still no word on when this will happen but it's close!

The other little twins on the unit aren't doing so well right now so I am counting my blessings that my boys are doing okay.


  1. Wonderful news. I love that tomato look they get after a blood transfusion!

    I did consider a ceremonial smashing of my breast pump after J came home but decided against it in the end. Too expensive to smash but I gave it away to a friend without a backward glance.

    Yay for both your boys! Brilliant news for both, Joe doing so well and Harry preparing for extubation. That is so exciting. It is almost a different world once they get on to CPAP.

    Anyway, enough of my ramblings. It just brings it all back to me! So glad your boys are doing well and I hope that the situation with the other little twins improves. x

  2. Glad to hear that Joe is doing better.