Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day 33

Joe's ventilation continues to be increased, and his oxygen is still hovering between 70% and 80%. The doctors are questioning whether he has some underlying infection causing him to require so much support, but he isn't acting like a sick baby, he's alert, feeding well and active but he was looking a little puffy around his face and arms when I left yesterday. He had yet another new ventilation tube as the one he had was possibly a little short but it hadn't made much difference by the time I left. He is producing lots of secretions from his lungs and in his mouth so is needing lots of suction which is a bit unpleasant for him but it's important to try and keep the tube as clear as possible.

They have said not to worry too much (hmm, if only it were that easy!!) and that there are other things they will try if they need to. They have said they may try the High Frequency ventilator again, diuretics to reduce any fluid around his lungs or steroids. They have also said they may sedate him and let the ventilator do all his breathing as he may be fighting against it and not letting it work properly. We'll know of any changes after the doctors' round this morning.

Harry is stable. His sats swing up and down but that is normal for him.

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