Sunday, 9 May 2010


On Friday little Joe was transferred to Southampton hospital as he developed a problem with his hernia. Instead of being able to push it back inside, it became stuck, causing him quite a bit of pain, so the doctors called the surgeons in Southampton and Joe was sent to PICU in the main hospital. By the time I arrived Joe had been given morphine and they managed to squeeze his hernia back in so an emergency operation to sort it out wasn't necessary but he has been added to the surgery list for tomorrow.

Because PICU isn't the best area for a premature baby we were then transferred again to the neo-natal unit across the road. They have a whole new way of doing things there. Several things are different but the main thing they say which is different is that now they are 38 weeks, the babies sats should be kept above 92% which means he is needing quite a bit more oxygen than before. Obviously this now means that I will be worrying Poole are keeping their sats too low as they consider anything above 86 to be acceptable.

So tomorrow is Joe's operation, hopefully, but if an emergency comes in, his will be delayed. Really it is best to get it done now as it will have needed doing eventually anyway and at least right now I don't have to worry about leaving Harry at home without me. Tonight I will be staying with Joe in Southampton so my next update will be when it is all over and we are back in Poole.

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  1. thinking good thoughts for a successful operation for Joe!