Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Day 111. Not that I am counting or anything...

Things are up and down with the babies at the moment. On Saturday Harry needed to go back on oxygen for a little while because his saturations weren't picking up very well. A little whiff of the airy stuff helped him out and after a few hours he was back in air. Joe is still in oxygen most of the time, but manages short amounts of time in air.

Both babies completely flunked their hearing tests. A big, fat fail for them both. We will be seen in the audiology clinic for more in depth tests to see whether their hearing has been affected but the sooner these things are detected, the better. Apparently babies from as young as 6 weeks can be fitted with hearing aids.

Harry seems to have quite a pronounced squint in his left eye. I only noticed it yesterday, but his right eye can look directly at me and follow my face when I move, and his left eye just kind of rolls around a bit. A lot of babies have poor eye control when they are little but the nurses are going to mention it to the eye lady tomorrow when she does her weekly visit.

Finally, we have news of a homecoming date. Next Tuesday I think is the day we are looking at for bringing our little people home. So that is just one week away! On Wednesday the community nurses are coming to the hospital to talk with me as both babies still have feeding tubes in, the home oxygen is being arranged, and on Friday is the discharge meeting. Exciting, scary times.


  1. congratulations on getting a homecoming date! Sad about the hearing test, but wonderful that hearing aids are possible for them :)

  2. I'm so pleased that you've had news of a home coming date. Hope that the audiology issues get resolved soon. J flunked her hearing test the first couple of times but passed eventually. Still not sure why.
    Good luck with the discharge meeting. I'm sure it will all go well. J didn't come home with a feeding tube so I can't comment on that one but we all got used to oxygen really quickly. Well I guess I can stop being nosy now your boys are going home! It's been a trip down memory lane for me and I am so very pleased that they are both healthy and will soon be settling in at home.