Thursday, 6 May 2010

Back to the nursery

Yesterday the boys moved back to the nursery. Harry is back up to his full amount of feeds, and Joe is almost there, just a few mls below where he should be.

Joe has been taking all his feeds from a bottle. He has really got the hang of it now. Harry needs a bit more persuasion and isn't quite such a natural, but is having at least every other feed by bottle.

Ben came to the hospital with me today and helped while I bathed the babies. Joe disgraced himself by pooing in his bath! but had lovely cuddles afterwards with Ben.

Both babies are looking fantastic. They have really turned a corner since the weekend and bringing them home is now being arranged. Not much can be done until next week when the nursery co-ordinator is back in work, but she will arrange for the oxgen equipment to be installed at home and a meeting will be planned which will include the nurses/health visitor/physio etc who will be keeping an eye on the babies when discharged.

Both babies were weighed yesterday and Joe is now 4lb 13oz, which is down 20 grams, and Harry put on 5 grams.

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