Saturday, 10 July 2010

A super quick update

The babies are stirring ready for a feed in ten minutes but just wanted to quickly update that all is well here.

I can't remember if I updated after their cardiac appointment but all was well and although they both have something very minor wrong with their hearts, it shouldn't affect them and they don't need to be seen for a year.

Harry had his repeat hearing test on Thursday - what a palava! He refused to sleep, then when he did sleep, Joe woke up, Harry vomitted every where in the middle of the test as the woman insisted I feed him to try and get him to sleep, despite me telling her he wasn't hungry. In the end she managed to test enough of one ear to determine that his hearing, although not perfect due to fluid in the middle ear, is adequate and he doesn't need to be reviewed again until next year.

Both babies are smiling properly now and Harry is even doing the odd coo and 'chatting' when the mood takes him.

Time to go...babies are telling me it's dinner time.

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  1. great update! I love hearing about how the babies are doing....and love the pictures too!