Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Poor, sick Harry

Harry is dealing with his first proper illness since coming home. Last week both babies came down with a cold that is doing the rounds in the family, but they had been generally good-humoured and happy, just a bit snotty. Harry sounded wheezy now and again so I had both babies checked at the doctors who confirmed that they were both okay, and it was just a minor cold.

At about 2am this morning Harry woke up crying and didn't stop. He cried, and cried, and cried. These babies NEVER cry like that. He was refusing to feed, wouldn't sleep and sounded like he was in pain. We tried feeding, changing, the swing, singing, swaddling, a dummy and nothing seemed to do the trick and in absolute desperation I broke out the Calpol. This did the trick for a couple of hours but then the cycle continued this morning when he woke up. All I can say is thank goodness for the NHS and my GP surgery. So many people complain about not being able to see a GP when they need to but all I ever need to do is say I have an emergency and they fit us straight in. Today I rang them saw a dr and picked up a prescription for anti-biotics all within 30 minutes. Apparently Harry's right lung is very crackly and sounded infected so he has a week of antibiotics which will hopefully make him feel better soon.

Throughout today he seems to be a little more settled, and is feeding well, but his temperature has increased and he has a fever. If it gets any higher, or he stops feeding we have to go straight to the hospital.

It's time to feed the little chappies now but will keep you updated on how Harry is. Fingers crossed he turns a corner soon.


  1. Oh no! Having a sick baby isn't good under any circumstances, but when you have a preemie I imagine it's very scary! I hope he turns the corner very soon and you all get some rest tonight.

  2. poor harry, hope the antibiotics kick in quickly!