Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Settling in at home

The babies have been home for two whole weeks now. The time is flying by. Apologies for the lack of blog updates but at first I was undecided whether I should carry on updating (not sure how many people will read it now the babies are home) but have decided it's a nice way to record memories and pictures and will be nice for the twins to read when they are older.

Both Joe and Harry are such good babies. One advantage of NICU is that they send the babies home in a fabulous routine. At the moment they feed 3.5 - 4 hourly through the day and sleep for around 6 hours at night. In fact, last night they fed at 10.30pm, and I had to wake them this morning at 6 as we had a hospital appointment at 7. So far, all they really do is feed and sleep. We have had hardly an occassions where they have cried properly and no times as yet when they have been inconsolable or howled together at the same time.

On Monday we (me, Joe and Harry) went to a support group for premature babies. I was surprised there weren't more parents and children there, but it was nice that it was a small group and I met two other children who are now three and a half but were born at around 25/26 weeks, and they were absolutely lovely - running around and chatting and to the untrained eye completely average little boys. The group only meets once a month for an hour which is maybe why it isn't very popular. It isn't really frequent enough or long enough to form any sort of friendship with the other people there but we will go along again next month.

This morning Joe had his eyes tested for the final time for ROP. He has now been discharged and won't be seen again until he is a year old.

Joe came out of hospital with a feeding tube as he was getting quite tired sucking on his bottle sometimes in hospital, but I am pleased to say we only needed to use it three times in the first week and since then he pulled it out and hasn't needed it again. Both babies are now having 115ml per feed and tolerating it well, although we have had a few episodes of sickiness, especially in the carseats but that could be my driving that's upsetting them!

Tomorrow is a big day for the babies as they are having their proper hearing tests at the audiology clinic. I know they both have some degree of hearing because they startle at loud noises and respond to voices, I just hope that I am told tomorrow it is all normal.

Last week Joe weighed 7lbs 3oz and Harry was 7lbs 13oz.

It's so wonderful to have Joe and Harry home, as part of our family, properly. My heart tells me that they are going to be fine, I can just tell. They are beautiful, brave, amazing, little people and no matter what the future holds for them I will always be so proud of them for fighting so hard to stay with us.


  1. i'm so happy to see an update...and a great one at that :) I check in all the time for more news, so keep up with the blog! I hope their hearing tests went well....they sound like they really could not be doing any better :)

  2. I'm happy to see an update too! I check often and I would love to see you keep it up so we can watch the boys grow!