Thursday, 17 June 2010

20 weeks, I think.

So today I think the babies are 20 weeks old. To be honest I have lost count since they came home, but they came out of hospital at 17 weeks old, and that was three weeks ago, so with my basic maths skills that makes a total of 20, right?

The hearing tests last week didn't go wonderfully well. Joe has good hearing in only his left ear, and a poor response in his right ear. Harry has a poor response in both ears. They aren't concerned about Joe as good hearing in one ear is adequate for him to be able to pick up speech, but Harry will be having his hearing re-tested in a couple of weeks time. The babies were absolute stars during the tests. It took forever, especially Harry's and they were both starving and fed up of being poked around by the end of it all but they hardly made a fuss at all.

They are both feeding and sleeping well still. They go around 8 hours at night, sometimes longer. Last night they had their last feed at 8, and I woke them this morning at 5 when I got up. They are just so fabulous and hardly ever cry.

We have bought Joe a pillow to help with his head shape from No idea if it works, but it can't do any harm to try and my instinct is that it's a waste of money but he looks cosy enough on it.

Both babies were weighed today and Joe is 8lbs 4oz and Harry is 8lb 6oz. At one point there was nearly a pound seperating them but Joe is catching up fast. They drink about the same amounts of milk as each other, but Harry is much, much sicker so I think that is why his weight gain is slower.

Today was our first experience of going along to a twins group. Wow! What can I say? If I was under any illusions of how easy toddler twins will be, I have since changed my mind. They were so full-on and active and boy-oh-boy they were a violent bunch. Pushing, hitting, and biting each other seemed par for the course for all the siblings there. My cute little boys will never be like that, will they? ;)

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  1. Wow! What a journey - I found your blog entirely by accident but have been hooked on it all evening.

    I am glad the boys are doing well and hope that you will continue updating the blog so that we can follow the progress of the boys.

    Best of luck!