Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Into July 2011

So, I think two months have passed since I last managed to update here. The good news is things are pretty wonderful.

Both babies are now mobile,, and boy-oh-boy do they let me know it! I have to say that now they can move and get to where they want to be, they are so, so much happier. They have always been fairly content anyway but now life is easier than ever...well as easy as it can with twins and four other children.

We have had a few tiny accidents with Harry since he starting moving around. He is just so fast, and it took a little while to get into the habit of shutting baby gates, closing doors, and moving things off the floors. Don't tell the mother-in-law, but the worst incident was getting into the bathroom bin with one of David's disposable razors in it. Let's just say Harry looked like he had been garrotted. There was blood over his face, over his clothes and smeared all over the floor. Just as I spotted the carnage there was a knock at the door from a lady down the road, so I scooped him up, opened the door and pretended nothing had happened while chatting to her. God only knows what she must have been thinking. Joe was in the background trying to eat the plug-in air freshener and I just acted cool, like one child being covered in blood and the other eating something toxic is an every day event in the Tibbles house! After a mammoth clean up and wash, it turns out that no surgery was required and Harry actually had a tiny, tiny knick on his thumb. I don't think he ever noticed anything was amiss. Oh, and Joe didn't seem to suffer any consequences from his air freshener snack either, but he smelled pleasant for the rest of the day.

Other regular twin casualties include the bookcase in the hallway, the DVD rack, and the drawers with the wii games in. Top prize though always goes to the cat water dish. Harry can detect the kitchen gate being left open at a hundred paces. He sniffs it out, and before you know it he has bum shuffled up the hallway, across the front room, into the kitchen and will be sat in a puddle of water proudly waving an empty water bowl. We are getting better at reminding everyone to close the gate, but well, you can imagine what it's like with so many people in and out. And anyway, he always looks so pleased with himself once he has upended the water that it must be good for his self esteem - that's what I console myself with anyway, when I am changing his clothes for the third time in a morning, and drying the floor, again.

Health wise the babies are ticking along nicely. We are still dealing with Harry's post RSV wheeze. It comes and goes but doesn't seem to bother him too much and seems to be one of those things that sounds way worse than it is. A few puffs on his inhaler and the is an immediate improvement. Heh, I make that sound so easy don't I? Giving him his inhaler is actually a two man job. He needs one person to pin his body and arms down, and another to hold his head still and deal the the inhaler and mask. He really, really hates it but it's one of life's necessary evils sometimes.

On Friday we have finally got appointments to go back to see the ENT man about both babies chronic ear infections. I thought I was going to have good news about their ears, as for a little while we had no infections, perforations or issues at all. Then suddenly they were back. Harry's as usual were worse, but it was actually Joe who was affected first. This time I opted to treat with antibiotics in hopes we would clear it up quickly but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. I just hope we can get it sorted for them, they are troopers but when their eardrums perforate it really is a sickening, heartbreaking cry.

We aren't being seen any more by the paediatrician at the Child Development Centre. I know this should be seen as a good thing, that he thinks the babies are fine and have no issues...but you know, I just can't help wondering if they have missed something. How can they be so sure that the babies are okay when they were so early? I'm really not happy with how little monitoring they get but I'm supposed to be pleased that my babies are considered normal, right? And I am pleased, but what if....

I will try to post some videos and photos on here. There must be an easier way of doing it than I have worked out. By the way, if you are reading this and would like to know more often how the babies are doing, then I do update my Facebook page with lots of videos and photos. If you want to add me as a friend then feel free.

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