Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Bad ear for Harry

I cant remember if i mentioned in my last update that Harry has been having a problem with one of his ears. It has been discharging nasty pus and oozy stuff for over four weeks now and hasn't got any better despite oral antibiotics and ear drops.

I took him back to the gp yesterday about it as he is generally getting more and more irritable and is having problems eating now which i hope is associated with the pain in his ear. We were sent straight to the hospital to be reviewed by the ENT specialists who say that it looks like a very nasty infection in the actual ear canal which is very rare in babies, and more common in adults who swim a lot. The last swab that was taken has shown a bacteria called psuedenomas which normally affects immune-compromised people so he has been given antibiotics and ear drops specifically to fight this bug. We have to go back in just over a week for review and if it's no better then he will be put under anaesthetic to have a proper look.

The dr said they might have problems finding an anaesthetist happy to work with him due to the hole in his heart, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Fingers crossed the new medicines make it better because quite frankly I need my happy baby back.

Time to wake them up from their morning nap now. They have already been asleep an hour and a half after deciding five thirty was a good time start the day! Someone needs to remind those babies that the day doesn't officially start until at least seven am.

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